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Does your parking lot need a seal coat, or repair services? Get in touch with Security Paving Co. Ltd. for commercial paving services in Lake Country and surrounding areas. Whether you need asphalt paving of your parking lots, or roads, our contractors can do it for you. We also install speed bumps and water drainage systems. Our team can handle cracks and provide patch or seal coating to the roads or the affected pathways. With the knowledge and experience our team possesses, you can be assured of quality workmanship and timely completion of the assigned job.

See Some of Our Finished Projects

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We offer the following commercial services:

Parking lot paving
Parking lot repairs and restorations
Roads resurfacing
Speed bump installations

Guarantee on Workmanship and Materials

If there is a mistake in the paving job, you will be the one who will pay and fix it. Therefore, you should always hire a professional such as Security Paving Co. Ltd., to do your job right the very first time. We guarantee our work and the materials we use for the job. So if there is any issue, it’s our responsibility. To learn more about our guarantee policy, give us a call.

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