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How Security Paving Started

Security Paving Co. Ltd. was founded in 1984 and is locally owned and operated. The owner and manager, Ken Blacke, has lived and worked in Kelowna all his life. Ken worked for years in the construction industry, primarily operating machines. He also has experience in building construction and has knowledge about the importance of the correct methods for constructing foundations, ensuring proper base construction, and grading. When Ken saw a large need in the community for asphalt paving, he decided to start his own company.


Repave Your Old Driveway

We can handle repaving and repairing services on your property

The Business of Asphalt

In the beginning, the business worked in the area of cement, retaining walls, sidewalks, and patios. Over time, however, Ken began to notice the need for asphalt continue to grow in demand. Asphalt became the focus of Security Paving. As the more affordable paving material, asphalt became the centre of Security Paving. Ken hopes to steadily increase business within the Kelowna area.

We, with our varied experience, can handle both commercial and residential paving projects. We provide personalized paving services at competitive pricing in the market. You can also approach us for a free quote on-site, for the services you require from us. Contact us today for further details.

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